'09 Flood Fundraiser

Madame Lash waves her magic … whip
by Dominic Feain
The Northern Star
10th July 2009

THE indomitable Madam Lash swept into Lismore in a blaze of high-trash glamour last night to whip up support for the recently flooded Serpentine Gallery.

“I’m a practising artist and a lover of Lismore so of course I came,” declared the legendary queen of the disciplinary arts."

Ms Lash’s personally signed photographs were snapped up by keen Serpentine supporters and all proceeds went towards the restoration of the community gallery. The evening’s highlight saw Ms Lash taking the whip to one willing local bloke in full catwoman regalia in a demonstration of one of her many notorious talents.

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Image: David Nielsen
Gretel Pinniger, aka Madam Lash (right),
of Sydney helps Lismore’s
Christine Devine raise money for
the flood-affected Serpentine Gallery.

17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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