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17a Bridge Street, Lismore, NSW, 2480
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  Note the gallery can also be hired for private exhibitions.
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                           Life drawing is returning in 2016 if the demand is there

 Current Exhibitions

This show is a collaborative exhibition between Robyn Staines and Sophia Watson. Exploring the experience of narcissistic abuse.

25 November - 8 December 2015
Opening Night Friday 27 November 6 - 8pm

Dark Matter

Robyn Staines

Robyn’s body of work has attempted to explore the damaged or underdeveloped psyche which creates violence in human relationships, the language of violence and its psychic heritage. It is a research on the true nature and origin of the shadow self both individually and collectively

Robyn Staines


Sophia Watson

Sophia’s abstract charcoal drawings are an exploration of the abuse of power within the context of religion, intimate relationships and culture. She examines the erosion of identity, self-esteem and trust and how this undermines personal empowerment and freedom

Silence - Sophia Watson

Upcoming Exhibition

It's the Little Things

A themed exhibition by gallery members

                                                                 9 December - 22 December 2015
                                                Opening Night Friday 11 December 6 - 8pm

                                                                                               Melanie Barsony
                                                                                                                                            Red-bellied Black Snake
                                                                                                                                              lino-cut, hand-coloured
                                                                                                                                                        repurposed card
                                                                                                                                                 |Message Art Series|  

Previous Exhibitions
                                                                            The Professor's Choice

Environmental Management Students
Southern Cross University
Protected Area Management

The Secret Serpent Bearer

Euan Boyd  

A themed exhibition by Gallery Members


An exhibition by the Multi-task Group


Smoke Signals

A solo Exhibition by local artist Sandra Rubbo


                                                                Under Pressure

A solo Exhibition by local artist Anna Dorrington


A solo Exhibition by local artist Paulette Hayes

The gallery is a not-for-profit organization
started in Nov 2006 by a small group of local artists.
It is dedicated to promoting the
artistic culture of NSW's Northern Rivers region through community arts projects
and regional promotion.

We like to say, 'Have a creative day!'

17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

Contact (02) 6621 6845 or