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Corinne Batt-Rawden

Corinne Batt-Rawden
Hello and welcome.

Born in Sydney in 1972 of a French born mother and an English father and identifies as 'first generation Australian'. Raised along the east coast of Australia and now settled in the beautiful Northern Rivers. 

After a life changing accident Corinne discovered arts practice as a means of rehabilitation. Corinne advocates for the benefits and value of art, and its creation and exhibition, for developing the self and community.

Corinne's work is inspired by spontaneous mark making and experimentation. 
'Human creativity is suppressed in many aspects of our global consumer mono culture. 
Art is one avenue where the soul can be released, free to express and touch others. '
View more of my art at

'Power From Within'
Oils and metallic powder

Artist Statement: 'Through darkness we find the light which shines from within.
This painting is a representation of the power that shines
within us through those dark times in our lives.'

- Corinne Batt-Rawden, September 2012

from the Artfelt Art Prize Salon de Refuse
- part of the annual Artfelt Art Prize held on behalf of Heartfelt House -
September 2012

Oil on canvas

Artist Statement: 'It is our diverse and progressive communities in the Northern Rivers which give me such a feeling of belonging and
a place I call Home.'

- Corinne Batt-Rawden, Aug 2012

from Home Sweet Home

- a combined exhibition
by members of the
Blue Knob Hall,
Roxy and
Serpentine galleries -

August 2012
@ the Serpentine
Community Gallery

September/October 2012
@ Blue Knob Hall Gallery

'Pinch It Out'
Sawdust fired
'Feeling the Elements'
Terracotta, glazes
'Tool Box'
Terracotta, glaze

'Postcard To Myself Five Years Ago'
Collage on paper
Works from Conversations held in July 2012

Clockwise from top right: Corinne and friends,
Liina Flynn, Edda Lampis - holding Ana Jol's mixed media work 'Civilisation' - and Troy Dunn,
at the opening of Scarlet 2012.
'Forest Nymph of Willendorf'

'Blue Venus of Willendorf'
1st June to 2nd July 2012
'Evolving from Pain'
'Beneath My Wings'
'Transforming Through Nature'

Artist Statement

"These works are
a journey of transformation
from a youth of suffering and oppression
to becoming a woman of freedom
with an open heart.

Mixed media on canvas works
from Metamorphosis
May 2012

Donated to the Serpentine's
Art Auction fundraiser,
held on Sunday the 13th May 2012
Artisan Flash Mob
9th May 2012:
Corinne prepares to work
on her paintings for
the upcoming
Metamorphosis show.

The 'slo-mo flash mob' was
held to help promote the
Serpentine Community Gallery's
 Art Auction fundraiser at the
Pop-Up Gallery @ 56
Magellan Street Lismore.

Corinne Batt-Rawden 'L'Energie de l'Arbre' mixed media on canvas
'L'Energie de l'Arbre'
Mixed media on canvas
from New Works
April/May 2012

'Behind the Tree'
Mixed media
Acrylic on canvas
'Dawn of Texture'
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic on canvas

'Late Autumn in the Alps'
Acrylic on canvas

from Miniatures - February/March 2012

Mixed media
place_feb2012_Corinne_Batt-Rawden_ThisHerePlace_wood burning on pine
'This Here Place'
Wood burning on pine
from Place
February 2012

'Divine Intervention'
Mixed media
from Visions 2012
December 2011

From the 4th until the 14th November 2011,
Corinne Batt-Rawden and Kerrie Divett
  present a joint exhibition entitled
Modus Vivendi.

Modus Vivendi
n. pl. A manner of living;
a way of life.
n. A manner of living that reflects
the person's values and attitudes.

Corinne's artistic expressions investigate the inner
conflict of being, and her relationship to self and her environment through expressions, textures, and observations through print, painting and clay.

Kerrie's work uses various mediums to explore her relationship to the language surrounding a diagnosis
of breast cancer. These works are a commentary
on her personal, emotional, physical and social

relationships as she defines her mode of living.

Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Split Personality', wood block print
'Split Personality'
Wood block print
Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Beneath the Moon', oils on canvas
 'Beneath the Moon'
Oils on canvas
Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Kiss Me', wood block print
'Kiss Me'
Wood block print

modus_oct2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Blue Moon', acrylic on canvas board
'Blue Moon'
Modus_oct2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden For The Heart_acrylic on canvas board
'For The Heart'
Modus_oct2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Visionary', acrylic on canvas board
Modus_oct2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Sentenced', acrylic on canvas board
modus_oct2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Hybernation', acrylic on canvas board
Acrylic on canvas board works from Corinne's ongoing "Tree" series

'Pot of Contours'
Hand built, carved, burnished
Hand built clay
'Voluptuous Vessel'
Hand built with clay

Hand built


Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Exploration', paper clay
Paper clay

Corinne Batt-Rawden_Vessel of Abundance_comp hand built with clay
'Vessel of Abundance'
Hand built clay

'River Rocks'
Burnished clay, pit fired

'Landscape Witness'
Mixed media

'Summer Holidays at the Pool' (2006)
Oils on Board
120cms x 130cms

'Cellular Paint Storm' (2007)
Oils on canvas
90cm x 90cm

'The Granite Belt' - Print
Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Survival', wood block print
Wood block print

Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Nature's Patchwork', oils on canvas
'Nature's Patchwork'
Oils on canvas

'After Work Expressionism'
Oils on canvas
100cms x 100cms

Corinne_Batt-Rawden_2003 Place of Flowers
'Place of Flowers' - 2003

'Nail of Face'
Wood block relief
'A Study on Fibre'
Oils on canvas

Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Wise Old Soul', oils and acrylic on canvas
'Wise Old Soul'
Oils and acrylic on canvas

'Left Behind'
Oils on canvas board
'One And A Half Pairs'
Oils on canvas

Oils on canvas

'2007 Canopy 3'

Obey 1, 2003'

'2007 Barren'


Acrylic on canvas board
dark_Night11_theMirrowWithin_corinne_batt-rawden 'The Mirror Within'
Oils on canvas
'One With Self'
Mixed media on canvas

'Wind and Earth'
Mixed media

The opening celebration took place on Friday 4th November 2011 at 7pm.


Corinne Batt-Rawden 'Victims of War', mixed media found objects
'Victims of War'
Mixed media and found objects
from Trash - October 2011
'The Mirror Within'
Oils on canvas

Artist statement:
'The wounded ghost who walks beside me
 comes out to play on the dark night of the soul.'

from Dark Night of the Soul
August 2011

Scarlet2011_Corinne Batt-Rawden_TwoOfCups
'Two of Cups'
from Scarlet - June 2011

'Young Spirit' - Mixed media
Works donated to this year's
Art Auction
held on the 8th May 2011

'Surviving the Elements' - Mixed media

'Surviving the Elements'

'Young Spirit'

Corinne and art-lover Garry
are pictured with her artwork
at the opening of
Colour Our World
- 2nd to 25th April 2011

'Indian Aspirations'
Pencil on paper

'Tree Cycles'

Mixed media works from
February/March 2011

Corinne (standing left) held free screen printing demonstrations
and workshops for all at the Serpentine Community Gallery's
Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show
- October 2010

Altered Books (clockwise from top left):
 The group gets busy, pages under construction,
Rin and her finished book (detail below)

A Paper Trail project: Corinne's creative interests saw her participate in both the Altered Books and the Paper and Print workshops in September 2010.

Paper and Print workshop artworks
(clockwise from top right): 'Some Have Benefitted',
'Greetings' (detail below) and 'Fish, Fish, Secret Fish'.

'Green Man's Sorrow'
Acrylic on canvas
30cms x 30cms
from Dark Ages
June 2010

'Wind and Earth'
Mixed Media
from Growth
March 2010
from Scarlet July 2010

'Body' (2009)
  Mixed media
from Art Auction
April 2010

from 2010 AD
February 2010

'One with Self'
Mixed media
from Presence
Dec 2009 - Jan 2010


Oil, ochre and acrylic painting
from Women of World
March 2009

'All You Need..', ceramic - Private collection
from Love - In All It's Forms - February 2009

Rin Memories mixed media tree 08
'Memories' - mixed media
from Tree November 2008

Mixed media
from Scarlet '08 June 2008

'Cultural Trauma'
Acrylic on canvas
from Dark Night of the Soul July 2008
'Repentance' - unfired clay
"Placed in the garden
- dissolved by the rain
-  returned to the earth"

from Fresh September 2007
Garden sculpture
- ceramic
personal collection


It_Is_political_2007_Corinne_Batt-Rawden_2007 Skin
It_Is_political_2007_Corinne_Batt-Rawden_2007 Canopy 3
'Canopy 3'

from 2007's combined show
Ecological Footprint and
It Is Political in July/August

Mixed media
100cms x 100cms
from Scarlet '07 held in June 2007
 Above: 'untitled' - sold

Right top: 'untitled'
- mixed media on canvas - sold

Right bottom: wooden clap sticks - sold
from Rainbow Industria November 2006

17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

Contact (02) 6621 6845 or