This Place

This Place

opens Saturday 11th of May 2024 from 3pm  til 7pm. 

A diverse and powerful exhibition celebrating culture and community. An invitation has been extended to Indigenous artists in the Northern Rivers to exhibit at Serpentine. With over 30 artists and many diverse artworks, from Traditional to Contemporary including ceramics, paintings, printmaking, digital art, woodwork, and sculpture.

Indigenous art invites us to walk in harmony with the land, to honour the spirits of our ancestors, and to embrace the powerful narratives that emerge from the intersection of tradition and contemporary expression.

You are invited to attend the opening of 'This Place' on a Saturday afternoon from 3pm till 7pm. This exhibition showcases Aboriginal Artists who live in the Northern Rivers. There will be activities for the kids, a fire, snacks, and refreshments available. 

This exhibition runs 10th till the 24th of May 2024. 

Serpentine is open Mon to Fri 10 till 4pm and 10 till 2pm on Saturdays. 

Experience the power of indigenous creativity at the 'Our Place' exhibition. Each artwork is a testament to the resilience, cultural pride, and artistic talent of indigenous artists in the Northern Rivers. All welcome. 

Please contact the gallery for viewing out of hours. 

Featured Image. Timeless by Val Smith. "We won't fade in time. Our connections to Country will live on in everything that surrounds us. Earth or sky, my spirit will always be" Val Smith. 

See more of Val’s work on FB, Instagram or at her website val_smith_art 

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