From Bentley with Love

The Serpentine Community Gallery is proud to host the opening of

'From Bentley with Love'

an exhibition of the archived material from the Bentley anti-C.S.G. campaign.

Banners, Posters, Photo-documentation, Protestors' signs

plus various pieces of Camp Memorabilia are all on display.

OPENING 6.00pm - FRIDAY 30th MAY 2014.

 Black Train will be performing and

poems inspired by the protest will be recited.

Everyone is welcome.

On view until 10th June 2014.

Don't miss your chance to see it before it leaves the country.

Davey Bob Ramsey's new lyrics performed at the opening of the exhibition of memorabilia from the Bentley Blockade 'From Bentley With Love'

at the Serpentine on May 30 2014.

The lyrics were written on the eve of the announcement that the NSW Government had suspended gas mining company Metgasco's license to drill. Within days we had been expecting hundreds of police from all over NSW to descend upon our region to break up our blockade, forcing

an unwanted industry on an unwilling population.

But the voice of the people united in peaceful protest had become so loud that the state government could no longer pretend to ignore it, providing an example to communities the world over who are fighting the final throes of the dying fossil fuel industries.

Thanks to Rebecca Rushbrook for the footage. ...

Image from The Bentley Effect - a film by Brendan Shoebridge