Jackson Reid



from Decadence

- A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community -

November/December 2016

'Zoo Movie'

acrylic on canvas

above and below: 'Rapper Book' mixed media

from the exhibition

in my heart jelly

held in October 2013

'The Rappers'

'Sharks in Sydney Harbour and the Opera House'

'Snakes Killing Birds'

'Tigers Escaping the Zoo'


Artist statement: 'They each have a story. You will enjoy these stories but they are scary and horrible.

Don't have nightmares about sharks killing people and snakes eating birds alive and tigers eating people

and tearing through their bodies. I like to scare the hell out of people.'

- Jackson Reid, October 2012

Posca pen and acrylic on canvas artworks from the exhibition


held 5 - 24 October 2012


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

Contact (02) 6621 6845 or serpentineartsgallery@gmail.com