Martyn Fox

'Siichort's Dream II'

oil on canva

'Fixed In Time'


'Ramases' Gift'


from Miniatures

December 2016 - January 2017

'The Duality of a Parallel'

graphite on 300gsm paper

'Power of One'

mixed media

'Last Supper'

mixed media

artworks from Decadence - A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016

'Rameses' Gift'

Chinagraph, pencil & ink on paper

'Sicchort's Dream #32'

oil on canvas

from Vollies - September/October 2016

'Phoenix Peace'

pencil and ink


pencil and ink

from on a paper plane

April/May 2016

A selection of artworks

from a Martyn Fox solo show

Visions of the muse -

quirky dreamscapes on paper

held at Lismore's Armistead Gallery