Steven Perrin

'When I touch myself'

'Hold On'

'Coming Together'

oil on canvas works from


- the extension of the Tropical Fruits NYE festival Art Exhibition 2012 -

January 2013

'Shadow and Reflection'

Oil on canvas

from Recovery of RE:CREATION,

the extension of the Tropical Fruits'

2011 New Year's Eve Festival Art Exhibition RE:CREATION,

held in January 2012

'The Coalescences'

Donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's fundraising

Art Auction

held on the 8th May 2011

'Emerging from the Beast'

'Transcending Regression'

 'Arboreal Metamorphosis'

Oil on canvas works from the Tropical Fruits'

Treasure in the Queerest Places

exhibition held in January 2011


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