31/7/16 - 31/08/16


 - a member's exhibition celebrating 10 years

of the diverse arts community in the Northern Rivers -

opens Sunday 31/07/16 at 2pm.

'A Room With a View'

acrylic on canvas

by Janet Hassall

'Sunset over Alice'

acrylic on canvas

by Eddie D. Raft

'Lazy Nude'

acrylic on terracotta

by Paulette Hayes

'Still Life with Tubs'


by Vicki Swift

'Planet Madras 2008'

mixed media

by Iain Harrison

'Calculating Pond'

mixed media on paper

by Lindsay Hunt


giclee print

by Neil Howe


oil and acrylic on wood

by Marilyn J Smith

'Lightness of Being'

pencil on paper

by Shay Collyer

'Burning Barricades'

oil and charcoal

by Lindsay Hunt

'Storm in a Teacup'

photographic print on canvas

by Wera Teves

'Transition - Striped-down Insect, Honda Goldwing'

oil on paper

by Venetia Sieveking

'Highway Bat'

mixed media on canvas

by Jeremy Austin