IT Is Political

Members - It Is Political: An Artist's Commentary on Life and Times Now

20 JULY 2007: two exhibitions opening

at the Serpentine Community Gallery

this Friday from 6pm -

It Is Political:

An Artist's Commentary on Life and Times Now

and Ecological Footprint

These exhibitions are celebrations of nature,

walking the talk,

climate justice,

growing strong communities,

reducing ecological footprints,

endorsing clean and renewable...

and, well, you get the idea.

The opening,

just the start of an evening of art,

film and activism in North Lismore,

will include performances by

the Urban Poetry Terrorist,

the infamous, scone-eating CWA Ladies

and much more.

Then there’s a film event at

20,000 Cows Restaurant just up the road.

Food For Thought will screen three films

- Irati Wanti, Living Country

and the short version of Bradbury’s Hard Rain -

exploring the issues of uranium mining

and the nuclear industry in Australia.

All are welcome to attend the opening.

For more info,

 contact the gallery on (02) 6621 6845.

A wall of posters, Digital prints

by M Woo Wei Richards

Window installation, Cardboard

by Simon Ennew

These exhibitions can be viewed at the Serpentine until 8th August 2007.

Stickers, digital print by M Woo Wei Richards

'Brutality In Pacific Ocean'

Dry point

by Aris Prawaba

'Will we fix it?'

Mixed media

by M Woo Wei Richards

'Orbit Through The System'

Mixed media

by Naomi Fisher

'Bandages MK II'

Mixed media

by Clare Twomey