Zac Theroux

'Cult Candy'

'Green Under the Gills'

'Love = Pain'

'Sea Corn'


'Blue Breath'

'Geisha's Garden'

acrylic on canvas

artworks from

Faith, Joy & Other Disasters

October 2017

Zac Theroux's solo exhibition

"A work in Progress"

will be on view from

the 5th to the 30th of September 2016,

concurrently with Anna Dorrington's


and the group show


An opening celebration

will take place on Sunday

the 11th of September from 2pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

 Local to the region, psychedelic artist Zac Theroux

 takes his inspiration from the world around him,

 and the worlds within him.

 Having recently moved to Lismore

 after care-taking a property in the rainforest,

 Zac is bringing his art out to play.

 Walking the knife's edge between dark and light,

 his vibrant, provocative subjects

 both shock and intrigue.

 Zac is looking forward to connecting

 with more artists in the local region.

'Fearsome Geisha'

acrylic on canvas

'Old School Skater'

acrylic on canvas