Scarlet 2014


- an annual member's exhibition -

runs from

the 11th to the 25th of September 2014.

This year the artists

 are exploring the word


Scarlet brings up many images of

courage, passion, sacrifice,

red velvet,

 life, immorality,

kings, wealth, China

and fine cloth.

 The image of Scarlet awakens the senses.

This exhibition brings life to the gallery

as local artists explore

this broad theme.

Open night: 12th September

6pm - 8pm

All welcome.

Local Poet Jan Macahy

will be delighting us with

some word-smithing around 7pm.

'Red Dawn'

oil on canvas

by Michael Clifton

'Saint Cecilia'

oil on canvas

by Gareth L Deakin


oil on canvas

by Corinne Batt-Rawden

'Swamp Magic'

oil on board

by Susannah French

'Surreal Dream 2'

mixed media

by Scott Whittingham

'Briggs & Stratton Gender Pattern'

oil on canvas

by Shaun C Murphy

'Scarlet Boy'

'Scarlet Girl'

acrylic on linen works by Jackson Gooch

  'In ur arms'

oil, ink on paper

by Benjamin Jai


gourds, mixed fibre

by Ginny Wood