Tim Thompson

'My 31st Birthday Party'

mixed media

'Self Portrait'

Posca pen on paper

'Neighbours Friends'

Posca pen on paper

from in my heart jelly - October 2013


Acrylic on canvas

from the exhibition


held 5 - 24 October 2012

Artist Tim Thompson enjoys the REDAFFECTS opening celebration

'Chucky's Daughter'

- screen print

Donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's fundraiser

Art Auction 2012 held on the 13th May

Artist Statement - Robyn Thompson, March 2012

For the last 29 years Tim Thompson has been an inspiration

to me in so many ways, the world is full of inspirational people

and to have one in your family is very lucky.

When I was a kid I wished for a brother.

(Birthday candles, wish bones, falling stars.)

One day, 10 years after I was born, my brother finally arrived.

I was so very happy and excited I wanted to tell everyone.

But I saw something I didn’t understand, everyone around me

was sad, my mum was crying and no one was talking, I didn’t know why. Tim was the cutest baby I had ever seen. He was 6 weeks premature and very small, he had trouble with his heart, lungs and was fed through a tube, I heard the hospital people

say, "take Tim home and love him there is nothing we can do,

he will die soon". Tim has had many life and death trips

 to the hospital as a baby and suffers every day with

different things but he never complains.

He has a very unique personality and his cheeky smile always

lifts my spirits. He is an example to all that every day

 is beautiful and life is what you make it.

Tim is an artist, a hip hop rapper, he loves to dance.

He has the most awesome DVD collection of horror cult

movies which feature in his art, and he is a ten pin bowler.

I have kept this portrait straight forward - no background fuss,

noise or distractions, Tim simply doesn’t need them.

I am Tim Thompson’s sister.

'Hi It's Tim,

Your Brother'

Oil on canvas

by Robyn Thompson

This wonderful portrait of Tim by his sister Robyn was part of the

Northern Rivers Portrait Prize's

Salon des Refuses,

held from 23rd March to 23rd April 2012

'Serial Killer'

from Wild Dreams September 2011

'Dolly Dearest'

Acrylic spray on canvas

'Everybody Loves Tim'

Mixed media on paper