'Selkies' - a solo exhibition by Jude Lane

A life-long fascination with mermaids,

coupled with extensive personal heritage research,

has initiated the evolution of this current body of work

by local artist Jude Lane.

Jude Lane says her work is prompted by

 her deep personal value for family

and investigation into her Scottish ancestral heritage.

Whilst researching the Shaw Clan, of whom she belongs,

her attention was drawn to Celtic warriors

 and the beautiful Selkies of the sea.

An affinity with the water and sea creatures

has cultivated a love for these mysteries and legends,

captivating her imagination since childhood.

Her exhibition runs from 18 Feb - 3 March 2015

at the Serpentine Community Gallery Inc.

Together with Scott Whittingham's exhibition

'Beyond landscape and place'

the open celebration night is on 20/02 at 6PM.

Come and see these beautiful and inspired works.

For more about Jude Lane's 'Selkies' series

 - which are mixed media paintings on plywood,

 using pyrography, acrylic, inlayed pearl and encaustic wax techniques -

go to