Dawn Thirlaway & Amber Louise - Transmutation

7th JULY 2012: Opening of Transmutation,

on Saturday at 1pm.

"Transmutation" - Definition: The action of changing or the state of being changed into another form

An exhibition of work by ceramic artist Dawn Thirlaway and her photographer daughter Amber Louise.

Over the last five years both artists have gained strength and wisdom through the creative process.

Used as a modality Dawn has delved deep into the clay to find purpose and meaning for her life.

Whereas the camera lens has been the chosen method for Amber Louise to find beauty

in the world during life’s difficult and challenging moments.

Artists Amber Louise and Dawn Thirlaway

Everyone is welcome to attend

the opening celebration.

Light refreshments

will be available.

The exhibition Transmutation

showcases a selection of ceramic, mixed media and photographic works.

'In My Eyes'


Photography by Amber Louise

'Looking Out'

'Weeks of Soup'

Mixed media works by Dawn Thirlaway


Photographer Amber Louise



'Sacred Sacrel 1 & 2'

Mixed media

'Sacred Sacrel 3 & 4'

Mixed media