The Innards of the Buzzard

'The Innards of the Buzzard',

a solo exhibition by Brisbane artist

Nick Drake,

is on view at the Serpentine

from 1 to 14 July 2015.


Nick says about his work:

"From my interest in computer games I learned of the ancient order of the Haruspices who would search for the will of the Gods in the entrails of wild

and sacrificial animals. While you won’t be able to deduce the will of Heaven

 from my paintings, you might get an insight into the last twenty years

of my life that this exhibition covers. In high school I discovered that a diary,

with it’s exact and defining language, can incriminate (my girlfriend found mine!). For the purpose of recording memories, I figured out that you can achieve a

similar effect with pictures instead of written language, without the exacting

black and white evidence. Ever since I was nineteen I have encoded my

thoughts within SOME of my paintings (as well as painting other genres).

 I consider these secret autobiographical works as

more raw and immediate than my landscape paintings.

I am grateful for the opportunity to display this collection".


Friday 3rd July 2015, 6-8PM

**Don't forget gallery 2 we have the

Mid-year Art Sale

- an excellent array of local art and artists showing paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and ceramics

....all up the gallery looks sensational

....see you at the double opening for refreshments and fun

....oh...there is music too....