Dark Matter

From 25 November to 8 December 2015,

the Serpentine was the venue

for two solo shows

Robyn Staines'

'Dark Matter'


Sophia Watson's


Both North Coast TAFE Visual Arts students,

Robyn and Sophia created

bodies of work for their exhibitions

which explore the concept of narcissistic abuse.

While the monoprints in 'Dark Matter'

investigate what creates violence in relationships,

those of 'Erosion' focus on the abuse of power within

the context of religion, relationships and culture.

The double opening celebration took place

on 27th November 2015, from 6pm.


Robyn’s body of work

has attempted to explore

the damaged or underdeveloped psyche

which creates violence in human relationships,

the language of violence

and its psychic heritage.

 It is a research

on the true nature and origin of

the shadow self

both individually and collectively.



'Pain release'


'Your fathers secrets'

'Dark matter'

'Diablo's opera'