acrylic on canvas

from Scarlet - July 2013

'In Celebration of Fertility - a living sculpture'

Flowers, fruit and vegetables

Erotic spoken word performance by Supatra.

At the opening of Scarlet 2012, Supatra (centre) with friends Callie and Sandra.

'Sperms Find Their Way to Create Life'

'Sliding Into Me' (top piece)

Mixed media


'Supatra 512'

'Sliding Into Me' (bottom piece)

Mixed media

from Scarlet 2012 - 1st June to 2nd July

Mixed media artworks from Scarlet 2010

Supatra is pictured with a selection of her artworks and presenting

an erotic spoken word reading during the opening of

Scarlet 2010,

held from the 2nd to the 27th of July


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