18.3.11 Trash and Treasure

Claire Chatfield - Trash and Treasure

18th MARCH 2011: Opening of Claire Chatfield's

Trash and Treasure

 at the Serpentine Community Gallery on Friday from 6pm,

a combined celebration with

Liz Friend's exhibition Dreams and Reflections.

After nearly two decades

of contributing to group exhibitions

in four states,

artist Claire Chatfield presents

her first solo exhibition,

Trash and Treasure.

A committed environmentalist,

Claire recycles her own

and other artists’ works

to create multilayered collages

out of ‘treasure’ she finds

in the streets and op shops.

Works will be sold by auction

to the highest bids on paper:

last bids close

at 6pm on Monday the 28th March.

The opening event will feature live music

and musicians are invited to bring

their instruments for a jam afterward.

Light food and drinks will be available.

Everyone is invited.

Claire Chatfield's solo exhibition Artist's Statement and welcome

Dynamic Drawing teacher

Ron Curran (pictured left) speaks

to the opening night crowd.

All about ARD who received 10% of proceeds.

Auction details.

Opening night goers enjoy the art, the speeches, the mingling,

and the music.

At the opening: Claire Chatfield and gallery manager Corinne Batt-Rawden.

The artworks

'Mungo 1'

- 2007


'Seeing Red'

- 2009