Corinne Batt-Rawden

Corinne Batt-Rawden

Hello and welcome.

Born in Sydney in 1972 of a French born mother and an English father and identifies as 'first generation Australian'. Raised along the east coast of Australia and now settled in the beautiful Northern Rivers. 

After a life changing accident Corinne discovered arts practice as a means of rehabilitation. Corinne advocates for the benefits and value of art, and its creation and exhibition, for developing the self and community.

Corinne's work is inspired by spontaneous mark making and experimentation. 

'Human creativity is suppressed in many aspects of our global consumer mono culture. 

Art is one avenue where the soul can be released, free to express and touch others. '

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'Power From Within'

Oils and metallic powder

Artist Statement: 'Through darkness we find the light which shines from within.

This painting is a representation of the power that shines

within us through those dark times in our lives.'

- Corinne Batt-Rawden, September 2012

from the Artfelt Art Prize Salon de Refuse

- part of the annual Artfelt Art Prize held on behalf of Heartfelt House -

September 2012


Oil on canvas

Artist Statement: 'It is our diverse and progressive communities in the Northern Rivers which give me such a feeling of belonging and

a place I call Home.'

- Corinne Batt-Rawden, Aug 2012

from Home Sweet Home

- a combined exhibition

by members of the

Blue Knob Hall,

Roxy and

Serpentine galleries -

August 2012

@ the Serpentine

Community Gallery

September/October 2012

@ Blue Knob Hall Gallery

'Pinch It Out'

Sawdust fired

'Feeling the Elements'

Terracotta, glazes

'Tool Box'

Terracotta, glaze

'Postcard To Myself Five Years Ago'

Collage on paper

Works from Conversations held in July 2012

Clockwise from top right: Corinne and friends,

Liina Flynn, Edda Lampis - holding Ana Jol's mixed media work 'Civilisation' - and Troy Dunn,

at the opening of