Rodney Sharpe

Leaving Graphic Design in 1987,

Rodney Sharpe travelled Australia

as a portrait artist, returning to Sydney

to exhibit in various galleries.

In 2007 he won the 'Invite' painting prize,

followed by a period of quick exhibitions

exploring the mysterious nature

of water and paint.

Rodney has recently entered works in

the Lismore Portraiture prize and exhibits

in Nimbin and Lismore,

has began an art collective in the form

of the Nimbin community centre, and had the National Gallery acquire a couple of his wood cuts.


His works, with a surrealist bent,

range from lino cuts and assemblages

to giant scenarios. - FEB 2011

'A lot of water over the bridge'

acrylic on canvas

'Ekhart Tolle and the pain bodies'

mixed media

artworks from Yang - August/September 2017

'The Winsome'

oils & acrylics on board

from @ Bridge st - March 2016


from Ochre - October/November 2015

Artworks from the July 2015 exhibition

Monday Night Nude

'The Harbour of Epiphony's end'

from dark night of the soul - September 2013


from Scarlet - July 2013

'Lock On @ The Avenue'

'Understanding CSG'

'Jobs for the Boys'