Take Shape

From the 14th to the 28th of October 2016,

the Serpentine Community Gallery will be the venue for

"Take Shape"

- a solo exhibition showcasing recent works

by local graphic designer and illustrator Dougal Binns.

Together with local sculptor Franco Girardi's solo exhibition

"From Farm Punk to Plinth",

a combined opening night celebration will take place on

Friday 14th October 2016, from 6pm.

All welcome.

My artworks

start on the computer.

I draw shapes in my illustration software,

and move them around,

change the colours

until I land on something that pleases me.

Then I reproduce them

on canvas or board.

I try to match the colours

from the computer generated art

with real paint.

I mask the positive and negative shapes

to keep the paintings flat.

What happens in between the masked boundaries can be interesting

and that’s what I like.

To see how accurately I can recreate them

but also to see how the inherent imperfection

 of attempting to do that

manifests into a unique result.

- Dougal Binns

September 2016


90cm x 90cm


Dougal Binns grew up in Lismore and spent his youth dreaming of becoming

a famous artist, musician AND professional basketball player.

Upon completing High School he thought he’d better put at least one of the dreams to action,

and after weighing up studying art and graphic design decided on the latter,

and got accepted to study a Bachelor of Arts Degree for Graphic Design in Melbourne.

After graduating, his first job was working at the Herald Sun newspaper as a designer and illustrator.

The call to travel eventually pulled him to Europe,

where he spent a year and a half working at The Independent newspaper in London.

After travelling he returned to his home town

and began working with GD Studio,

met his future wife and decided to make a family.

 Twelve years later he is still enjoying living and working here.

...and he’s still living the dreams of playing music and basketball,

albeit without the ‘fame’!


The Art


acrylic on canvas

120cm x 90cm


acrylic on canvas

60cm x 75cm


acrylic on canvas

60cm x 75cm