Sylvia Nagy

'The Scream'

scraffito, pastel

'2 x Fish = Friends'


'Gorilla Hoody'

linocut on velvet

'Gorilla Love'


'Gorilla Pinny'

linocut on fabric

'Bee Polka Dot'

linocut on fabric

'Gorilla Velvet Singlet'

linocut on fabric

'Gren Bee Slip'

linocut on fabric

from Reigning Cats and Dogs - April/May 2014

'Hawaii Prophecy'

acrylic on canvas

'Letting Go'

etching print

'No Air Con'

acrylic on canvas

from Favourites - February/March 2014

'Little Blue Boy'

'Mother & Son'

acrylic on paper artworks by Sylvia Nagy & Milo Nagy

from Me and You - August 2013

'A Tribute to the Last Fucker!'

- Collage

from Graffikka

April 2010