Bek Webster

'Hanging Chair'


from Scarlet

June 2011

One hardwood garden sculpture created by Bek Webster and himself already on site,

Toby demonstrates the construction technique for these terrain-inspired pieces

while Bek keeps the cafe's beverages coming during the Serpentine Community Gallery's

Creative Exchange @ Lismore Show

in October 2010.

Fireworks provided a backdrop as Toby and Bek's

show-completed, outdoor artwork is put on display.

At the opening of the Scarlet exhibition in July 2010,

Bek Webster (top right) and fellow artist Alan Ussher

entertained the crowd street-side with the creation of some impromptu artworks.

 'Driller Head'

 by Bek Webster and Emma Burrows

Gladwrap and Sticky tape


from Graffikka April 2010


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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