The Serpentine, the 2017 Lismore flood and our gofundme campaign

Thursday 30 March at 23:01

- Facebook post by Guy Ingram:

Quick update...

 We (Guy and Marilyn J. Smith) went to the gallery before dark

and lifted everything we could above desk height or higher.

 At that point, prediction was for 11m and the gallery floor is around 10.1 or 10.2m.

If it goes to the new peak prediction of 11.5m, issued later Thursday night, some things are going to get wet.

Fingers crossed the water stops rising, hey....

The Serpentine Community Gallery and part of the NSW town of Lismore

as seen from the air on the morning of Friday the 31st of March 2017.

Photo: Rotorwing Helicopter Services - Facebook

Serpentine gallery as seen from the street

Photo: Facebook post

by Corrine Batt-Rawden, 31 March 2017

The biggest/highest flood Serpentine has experienced in its 11 years. (Sign looks good though!)

Serpentine windows - prior to the flood, Art Auction pieces left & artworks by Lismore Art Club members right .. and during the flood centre.

Saturday 1 April at 12:36

- Facebook post by Guy Ingram

 Sadly, by the time I heard that BOM had revised the peak prediction to 11.6 metres,

 it was too late to get back and lift things higher.

Most things will be OK, but a few paintings and some of our paperwork are likely to be wet.

 Police wouldn't allow me over this afternoon to check.

 Expecting that Bridge Street will be open again in the morning. Lets hope for a few miracles.

Sunday 2 April

- Facebook post by Corinne Batt-Rawden

Well it's clean up day in Lismore. Hope everyone

is ok and feeling ok. Ask for help if you need it and check in on your neighbours. If you are free to help, bring gloves, boots, cleaning products and a bucket and come help the Serp get back on its feet.

Any help much appreciated. Bring your drinking

 water and some food as there is nothing available

 in North Lismore.

Attention Artists. If you have artworks at the gallery and can get here, please come and collect your works. Sculptures and paintings can be cleaned. Works on paper are quite damaged but may be turned into new works if you feel inclined.

Sorry for your losses. Although we prepared for

this flood, the unexpected height of the water has taken us all by surprise. Love & blessings to you all.

The aftermath. Photo: Facebook post, 2 April

 Monday 3 April

- Facebook posts by Guy Ingram

We had a great turnout for the first day of clean-up

and many of the Lismore Art Club artists were able to collect their work or what remained of it. A couple of miracles with favourite pieces that had been above waterline. Hoseout completed, now just need to clean down retrievables and get everything out before the builders arrive to replace the wall linings. Spirits of the locals and the helpers all very positive

and restores faith in humanity after the tales of looting ...

Artwork pickup sooner the better as the gallery is dripping with condensation & it wont be long before the mildew starts.

If anyone is on the way to the gallery & is blocked by SES or Police, just let them know at the roadblock that you are on the way to help with the Gallery cleanup. The route through South Lismore over Coleman Bridge should be open if that fails.

Clean-up continues. Photo: Facebook post, 4 April

Tuesday 4 April

Facebook posts by Guy Ingram


Serpentine - After the flood ... I would estimate 80% of artwork in in the gallery was either destroyed or damaged.

Much has been collected, and I am in the process of hunting down contact details for the artists or buyers

of the remaining works. The building owners will be replacing the wall linings which all buckled and warped.

 Sorry kids, the gallery will be unusable until that is done! Our computer & the backup drive, phone, Eftpos machine

 etc., went under. Power awaits an electrical safety inspection before we can turn on much needed fans & lights.

Nearly all the gallery's historical records have gone to paper heaven.

The good news.... :-)

Some of the things that escaped or are completely usable after the drowning.. toilet paper, ground coffee,

 cups and plates, all vital items to keep our volunteers going post-flood :-)

The cash book, receipt books, lay-by books, etc. that will be required to seamlessly pick up from the watery hiccup

 are all safe for when we have our "Grand Re-Opening".

Cheques are on the way for artists who sold work last month.

General mood amongst affected artists and members I have spoken to is very positive.

 Many are talking about this wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. :-)

More good news -

We have power again! Fans are running. Massive thanks to the sparkie who did our safety check.

You are a legend! Thanks fly out to our cleanup helpers...You are all heroes!

Serpentine Art Gallery Flood Help

This GoFundMe is to crowd fund for the Serpentine Community Art Gallery for financial and/or physical donations

to replace our office and gallery equipment that was destroyed during the Tropical Cyclone Debbie flooding

that happened in Northern NSW, Australia, on 31st March 2017.

The community which supports this gallery is also flood affected. The CBD was devastated and the whole town

is suffering. Please note there is no government assistance or flood relief from the government

for a not for profit community gallery such as Serpentine.

Monies raised will help with the time spent with no income due to the repairing of the flood damage to the building

and to replace 11 years of accumulated equipment, hanging systems, plinths, sound systems, speakers, media equipment, pens, liquid paper, paper, computer, furniture, the whole kitchen, display cabinets and shelving, ... everything. The team at the gallery are resilient and dedicated, and will make good use of your donations.

We estimate we can be up and running with a re-set-up cost of $5000

and be there again to support our community's artists,