John Cieslak

'Year 12 Formal - Self Portrait'

mixed media

from in my heart jelly - October 2013

'Bank Robbery'

Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas


Slipcast, underglazes

'Emmy Lou'

Slipcast, underglazes

'Emimem in Hell', 'Pen Holder' & 'Green flower bowl'


Artist statement:

'I like doing art.

I like coming here to learn how to do things in art.

I like making my own colours.

I have been coming to art a long time.

It's good fun learning to become an artist.'

- John Cieslak, October 2012


Clay, fabric and board

Artworks from the exhibition


held 5 - 24 October 2012

'Matt Playing Bass'

'Black Mask'

Clay underglaze colours

'Brown Black Mask'

Clay, underglaze colours