New Works

Members - New Works

27th April 2012: Opening of

New Works,

an exhibition showcasing

a diverse selection of artworks

fresh from the hands

of our local artists,

on Friday at 6pm.

Serpentine Community Gallery

members have each

been invited to submit

up to 5 artworks

- 'new experimental styles

along with the latest creations' -

not previously exhibited at the gallery.

New Works

will be on view until the 7th May.

The art

'Running Out of Foundation'

Mixed media on canvas

by Rodney Sharpe

'The Circus Family'


by Ray Moller

'Mount Prometheus Crowning'

Oil on linen


Oil on wood

by Gareth Lindsay Deakin

Artist Statement

This artwork called

‘Blood Red’

symbolizes a young woman

who has lots of natural confidence

and life energy.

The colour red represents

fire, blood, heat and power.

It is also the colour of

romance, passion, youth,

beauty and emotion

- the colour of soul and heart.

 I began painting this artwork

because I was inspired by

using bright colours

as tone to create a face.

 I love art

(mainly sketching and painting)

because there is so much

chance and variety

in whatever you can make”.

- Courtney Albertini,

 April 2012

'Red Blood'

Acrylic on canvas

by Courtney Albertini

'Well In My View'

Mixed media on paper

in recycled window frame

by ValerieThompson

- Proceeds to Protect

Tasmania's Ancient Forests