We're very excited about our next members' exhibition,


which explores the ideas & feelings

that surround our notions of "blue".

"Azure" invites you to enter the world of blue

- the cool, the calm, the oceans and the sky.

Or maybe you're feeling "blue", or singing the "blues"

-  maybe it's once in a blue moon.

Perhaps the one you love has beautiful blue eyes;

there's the blue of sapphires,

the glorious indigo of lapis;

the flash of an azure kingfisher's wing...

All artist members are invited

to participate in this last event for the year.

This is our final members' show for 2017

so it will be a celebration to end another great year.

Our doors open at 5pm

and there will be music and art.

Local band 'Havoc' will perform dynamic Latin,

 Gypsy and Blues music at the opening celebration.

Artists are also invited to bring some food for the table to share with friends and guests.

Come to the opening and invite your friends and family

to enjoy our end of year event. It's been a big year of renewal and growth.

Originally slated to be on view until

the 31st December 2017,

our members' show


has been extended and will now grace the gallery walls until the 20th of January 2018.

The opening celebration