Instances: the art of the maker

From the 10th to the 27th of July 2016

the Serpentine Community Gallery is pleased to host

"Instances: the art of the maker"

- a solo show by local artist Jeremy Austin,

the Byron Bay RAW: 2014 Visual Artist of the Year.

The opening celebration will take place on

Sunday 10th July 2016, from 3-6pm.

A 'pop-up' version of Jeremy's studio is to be created

in Gallery 2 for the duration of this exhibition.

Jeremy Austin artworks,

Byron Bay RAW 2014


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To provide independent artists within

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RAW showcases indie talent in

visual art, film, fashion design,

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RAW is a fun and alternative way for

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Jeremy Austin installation at Byron Bay RAW 2014

To make is to see.

Making marks inside and outside the studio is a way of initiating a dialogue with oneself or the wider community, which in turn creates conversations

that can be used to articulate an idea into an instance.

Whether it is drawing in a sketchbook, marking a canvas

or spontaneously painting a public wall,

this moment of interaction between the artist and the surface

creates new instances which may be drawn upon for further versions within the art making process. Or this could simply be a continued exploration

of recurring characters and motifs.

This exhibition looks at the art of the maker and the various versions

of a work that come into existence throughout the process.

Sketches and further iterations of an idea or concept that usually

go unseen and forgotten once the final work is completed

 are all instances that were once at the forefront

of the artist’s creative mind on their journey of making.

Spontaneous creativity is an examination of personal identity,

community discussion and social engagement,

and is the focus of Austin’s art practice.

 His exhibition will explore making and its processes.

'Art vs Science Mural'

Jeremy Austin is a visual artist

who works in a variety of mediums

out of his studio in Lismore.

Growing up in his father’s art store,

surrounded by art materials his entire life,

he found himself becoming

a keen mark maker.

Never straying far from the tactile world,

he graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts

with a focus on light projection,

sculpture and animation.

Austin’s work has been featured in

International Animation Festivals

both in Australia and London.

Now a keen painter, illustrator,

street artist and screen printer,

Austin has continued his exploration into mark-making by creating new works

in a variety of mediums

for his latest solo show


Jeremy's inspirations: 'Reoccurring characters act as a vehicle for the continued exploration

into catatonic automatic drawing as well as muscle-memory schemata drawing with the aim of bringing

the immediacy and honesty of the compressed line work of my sketchbook sessions to canvas and walls.'

Poncho Print Tee

Spray can sculptures

'Sunset Bat Friends'

"Instances" - the art