Katie Alleva

'Stone, Sky and Tree'

Intaglio and mixed media

'Vintage Doily'

Screenprint and emboss on paper

from Home Sweet Home

- a combined exhibition by members of the Blue Knob Hall, Roxy and Serpentine galleries -

August 2012 @ the Serpentine Community Gallery

September/October 2012 @ Blue Knob Hall Gallery

Detail of some of Katie's artworks

created during the A Paper Trail project.

Jimmy Willing, Kerrie Divett and Katie Alleva

at the Paper and Print workshop.

"I call myself a Print-maker - I love to draw, collage, use oils, rip up paper and machine stitch." - Katie Alleva, 2010

On Wednesday 8th September 2010,

visual artist/high school teacher, Katie will join Emma Burrows at the Serpentine to mentor Paper & Print  - a workshop being held as part of A Paper Trail.

For all the details follow the link.

Katie Alleva recently instigated and curated

The Tea Towel Exhibition,

held at the Serpentine Community Gallery

between the 27th July and 11th August 2010.

For this special arts project,

invited artists and designers were asked

to create an artwork - using a tea towel - that

explored the gastronomic theme of

'the art and science of food'.

Artists used the tea towel as a canvas

that could be ripped, stitched, painted,

 folded, sculptured,

screen printed, drawn on etc.

The opening of The Tea Towel Exhibition

was celebrated on July 30th.

Image: The Northern Rivers Echo - Katie with Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell and Serpentine Manager  Rin Batt-Rawden at the opening of The Tea Towel Exhibition.

Try this link for more about Katie Alleva's The Tea Towel Exhibition and participating artists/designers

'Tree of Teneve I, II and III'

- Mixed Media

from Growth March 2010