Who-o-o Are You

Our first members' exhibition for 2015 is

'Who-o-o Are You?'.

Michel de Montaigne said, 'We are all patchwork,

 and so shapeless and diverse in composition that each bit, and each moment,

 plays its own game, and there is as much difference between us and ourselves, as between us and others'.

Members of the Serpentine Gallery expose their inner patchworks in this exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 4-17 February 15,

and the opening celebration will be on the 13th February 2015.

It is a free event!

'This photo was taken in a big tent

they had at Brisbane last year.

Can't remember the name

of the company that put it up,

but they travel around the world.

Those' eyes' are holes you can walk through.

No artificial light, just sun through canvas',

wrote Helen Creed.

The new book, Self-Portrait by Thames and Hudson,

says 'the self portrait has become the defining visual genre of our confessional age'.

It is epitomized in the work of London based artist, Tracey Emin.

Love her or hate her, her work is all about Her.

What we are looking for is sketches, paintings, videos, installations, performance..

...anything really.

Selfies are a possibility,

but please be creative

- pictures of you eating all over town - not so much.

So this is a challenge!

Show us something that you think is quintessentially you,

and we will have a guessing competition at the opening celebration.

'Selfie 1'

oil on board

by Glenn Murray

'The dual - self portait'

mixed media

by Martin Gallagher