Daphne May 'Kal-Ma-Kuta' Dux

'Water Dragon'

acrylic on canvas

from Reigning Cats and Dogs

April/May 2014

'Fish Tale'

oil on emu egg

from Miniatures - December 2013


mixed media on canvas

by Daphne & Corinne Batt-Rawden

from Me and You - August 2013

- also exhibited during Four on the Wall in November 2013


ink on paper

from Artists' Choice - February 2013

- Recent work -

uploaded June 2012

'Field of Dreams'

 acrylic on canvas

exhibited during Reigning Cats and Dogs - April/May 2014

- Recent works -

uploaded April 2012

'Unfinished Melody'

'Snake Charmers'

'Day Dreaming'

'Summer Magic'

'Turtle Lovers'

'Water Dragon' - detail

- Recent works -

uploaded February 2011