One Week's Notice

Members - One Week's Notice

'One Week's Notice' was a group exhibition

showcasing works by Serpentine members held in February 2007.


From the catalogue:

'Bike with Stitches' - mixed media on canvas

'Reflection' - print on found timber

'untitled' - charcoal, acrylic paint on wood

'Triangle' - acrylic on canvas

'Another Triangle' - acrylic on canvas

by Andru Gyulay

'Hiroshi No. 1' - Schminke crayon on Stonehenge paper

by Seta Evanian

'Woman in the Dream' - mixed media

by Chang

'Green' - acrylic on paper

'Pen' - texta on paper

1 untitled work

by Kathleen Wishart

'Scribbling Rivalry' - acrylic, mixed media on paper

by John Smith

'Broadwater' - charcoal on paper

'King' - wood sculpture

4 untitled works

by Brendan McCumstie

'You Should See My Other Car' - acrylic, ink on canvas

'Caution, Dolphins With Laser Beams' - acrylic on canvas

by Naomi Fisher

'Masquerade' - plaster, cloth, rope, mask, acrylic, bitumen on canvas

'Nude Landscape 1' - plaster, bitumen, acrylic, oil glaze on canvas

'Passion' - acrylic, bitumen on plywood

'Submerge' - acrylic on paper, acrylic and oil glaze on canvas

by Ildiko Hammond

'Heartaches and Highways' (Emmylou H) - oil, embroidery on canvas & vintage fabric

by Holly Willis

'You Are Beautiful' - mixed media

by Viola Hoffmann

'Dance Hall Caballeros'

by Bo Thomas

'Body Surfing' - acrylic on linen

by Shane Duniam

Indigenous Women's Modern Spirituality/Sexuality series

'Pregnant Mother' - acrylic on canvas

'Protective Mother' - acrylic on canvas

'Self Love' - acrylic on canvas

by Michael Philip

'Food Everywhere' bowls - recycled clay, seeds

by Rena

Untitled work by Georgeson

Untitled works by Sheridan Keegan

Large and small labels and stickers

by Alicia Grant


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