Sho Wakejima

from Scarlet June 2009

'Venus' 2009

Charcoal, conte and pen on paper

56 x 70 cm (framed)

'Standing Figure'

Charcoal on A2 paper


from Random April 2009

from Love - In All Its Forms

February 2009

Sho Wakejima held a solo exhibitionA Memoir of Cherry Blossom at the Serpentine Community Gallery in 2008. Opening on Thursday October 23 - with art, music, drinks and nibblies from 6-8pm - the exhibition ran until November 4.

Sho Wakejima, 2008, on -

A Memoir of Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossoms - the national icon of my birth country of Japan - had just begun blooming as I started the trip in Japan in March this year. It had been 12 years since I visited there last time. The purpose of this visit was to attend my Italian friend and his Japanese partner’s wedding party, as well as to see my mother, brother, other relatives and friends. Those were very exciting moments, however, I also found them very emotional sometimes.

The cherry blossoms accompanied my trip all the way through. That was so symbolic and had a powerful impact on my psyche deeply for its value in traditional Japanese culture.

I thought that using the cherry blossoms as the theme would be subtle but powerful enough and it also would fit the very demanding traditional Japanese cultural and artistic criteria perfectly, which strictly require an emotional and seasonal scent with the works. I also decided to use female portrait format mainly for the project, inspired by the traditional Japanese ‘ukiyoe’ master, Kitagawa UTAMARO. Some of the works were influenced by Japanese Manga comic style while others were western.

Knowing that they were not necessarily traditional Japanese media, I used oil and mixed media on canvas, ink and charcoal pencil on paper. I also experimented with locally made ecologically friendly paint on some of the works.

I am a resident of Terania Creek, The Channon for about 8 years and I have lived in Australia for over 20 years. So, my works were the result of all of my experience and influence, a mixture of Japanese and Western, traditional and contemporary. I think this is very much like me now.

Article: The Dunoon Gazette

Above: Sho with 'Cherry Blossom 10"

Above: 'Stolen Moment' - mixed media

Right: 'Morning Light' - mixed media

from Scarlet '08

'Self-portrait '09'

-oil on canvas


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