Valerie Thompson


mixed media

from Faith, Joy & Other Disasters

October 2017


pastel on paper

from CSG - the exploration: An Artist's Dialogue

April 2013

'Hold Me'

oil on board in antique frame

(proceeds to the Australian Orangutan Project)

Artist's Statement

Baby Temara intuitively clings to Leif Cocks as if her life depends on it – and he does

his best. Since being released into a 144,000 ha protected Sumatran forest, complete with

 local anti-logging and anti-poaching patrols paid for by Leif’s organisation, she is thriving.

But Leif also battles proposals by timber giant Asian Paper and Pulp to log tens of thousands of ha within the protected area, as well as the ever-present threat of the palm oil industry.  Indeed, the Australian Orangutan Project is one of few such advocacy groups not internally dominated by the palm oil industry. Leif is also a dear personal friend of over two decades.

- Valerie Thompson, February 2013

'Flying Foxes'

mixed media on paper

'Domestic Bliss'

charcoal and pastel on paper

from Animalistic

February/March 2013

'May in Tasmania' - oil on board

from Presence

December 2012

'Tasmanian Tumble' - acrylic on canvas

'Looking to the Future' - photography

'Red Hills'

Oils on canvas on corrugated iron

from Tattoos. Textures and Textiles

November 2012

'Thirst for Justice'

Graphite on paper, digital render


Artist Statement:

Whilst 400,000 Vietnamese people were directly wounded or killed by the U.S. use of agent orange

during the war, there are now over half a million babies born deformed as a result of this chemical.

 This orphan child’s look of perpetual wide-eyed gaping bewilderment may belie traditional notions of beauty,

but the irony is not lost on me. Neither is the white space where the back of his head should be.

Nor the perfect ear (albeit somewhat displaced.)

It begs the question – 'how are our ears?'

 Are we tuning in to the plight of these victims of a conflict they had no part in,

given that they were not yet even born?


Vietnamese advocates are calling for compensation commensurate

with that which the U.S. hands out to its own citizens with exactly the same ailments.


I call for all leaders who use weapons that kill, injure or deform

future generations to be tried for international crimes of war.

- Valerie Thompson, May 2012