Liz Friend

After the success of her first solo exhibition at "The Dog’s Bar" in Melbourne last year, Dynamic Drawing student Liz Friend’s exhibition Dreams and Reflections

opens at the Serpentine Community Gallery on March 18th 2011.

This series of oil and ink drawings are characterized by spacious composition, sparse use of colour and loose flowing lines

that combine to create dream-like landscapes which reflect

both the internal and external worlds she inhabits.


Renowned Dynamic Drawing teacher Ron Curran

has described her work as,

“…dream-like, penetrating and translucent.”

Formerly focused on ceramics and sculpture,

Liz found the confidence to draw in Ron’s classes

where she discovered a language

she feels is both authentic

and unique to her expression.

Dreams and Reflections

is on view until 29th March 2011.


'Reverie' - detail


Liz's artworks fill the window and gallery.

Words of introduction from Dynamic Drawing teacher

Ron Curran at the opening of Dreams and Reflections.


Ink and acrylic


Ink and acrylic

'The Beckoning'

Ink and acrylic


Ink and acrylic

'The Conversation'

Ink and acrylic

'Earth Dreaming'

Ink and acrylic

'The Guardians'

Ink and acrylic


Ink and acrylic

'Tree Dweller'

Ink and acrylic