Janelle Buckley

'Blue Nude'

cyanotype (sun print)

'Drowning in Blue'

colour photo from slide

from Azure

December 2017 - January 2018

'The last Stroke'

oil on canvas

Artist Statement

Four sweltering summers ago,

I sat in the hot little warehouse studio painting this.

 Jackson came in and said he could feel a tingling in his arm

- “should I call mother?” ... “I don't know? Perhaps, yes”.

We were to do a collaborative exhibition called “Reflections”.

It was to be Ray Moller, Jackson Gooch and myself.

We had picked the colour scheme tones of blue and ochre.

I lay the last strokes for the day, put away my brush

and thought to myself “I hope Jackson is ok.”

That night Jackson had a stroke.

This was the last time I laid brush on canvas.

This piece is unfinished.

I call it 'The last Stroke'.

- Janelle Buckley, August 2017

Spontaneous opening night jam session: Anthony Smith - percussion,

Rodney Sharpe - clarinet, Jason Aldridge - guitar,

and Janelle's wonderful jazz tones.

art and music from Yang - August/September 2017

Janelle joined with Jason Aldridge, Rodney Sharpe and Anthony Smith

to provide musical entertainment at the opening of Scarlet on the 21st of July 2017.


oil on canvas



artworks from Woman - In all her forms - March 2017

'Is It a Torso or A Puppy?'

oil on canvas

from Reigning Cats and Dogs

April/May 2014

'Nude with Ciggie'


from Anything Goes

January/February 2014


oil on canvas

from Soul of Serpentine - October/November 2013

'Janelle Buckley'

by Gareth L. Deakin

'Gareth L. Deakin'

by Janelle Buckley

from the Northern Rivers Portrait Prize 2013

Salon des Refuses