Dark Night of the Soul

The Serpentine Community Gallery presents

'Dark Night of the Soul:

Monsters, Demons and the Darkness Within'

- an exhibition showcasing artworks by members.

On view from the

5th to the 30th of September 2013,

'Dark Night of the Soul'

will be officially opened at 6pm

on Friday the 13th of September.

Feel free to come dressed in Black Friday Finery.

Performance by Rebecca Moon.

Wine and cheese of course.

The works in this exhibition reflect that

which resides in the realm of the soul,

never seeing the light of day,

our fears and fantasies

of monsters and demons,

and not only the tortured aspects

of the dark side of the soul

... but the enlightening conditions

created by expressing the darkness within.

Michael Clifton 'Dystopia'

Oil on canvas

Scott Whittingham 'Unite and Rest'

Oil on canvas

Ken Swan 'Venus and Mars Collide'

Oil on ply

Ray Moller 'Ogre'


Susannah French 'Incantation'

Acrylic on canvas

Robert Moore 'Something's Going On' acrylic

Rachael Windress 'Obatala'



Shay Collyer 'Waiting for the Rain'



Kane Bowman 'Mirror'

Oil on canvas


 Rebecca Moon 'Creating the Cord'