Georgina Dorrington

'Little Snowman'

screenprint, glazed ceramic tile

from Vollies - September/October 2016

'Not Getting Out of This Place'

Ink on Paper

from Place - the Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

held in August 2015

With each artist giving her take on

the theme 'Line and Body' in a joint show,

a selection of Georgina Dorrington's and Anna Dorrington's

artworks will grace the gallery during April 2015.

Georgina's exhibition is titled 'The Body in Abstraction'.

Talking of her exhibition, Georgina states:

“You never see all of me,  so I’ll only show you parts of me”.

On view 1 – 14 April 2015.

About Anna Dorrington's exhibition entitled

'Colourful Feminism' the artist says: “Women have always

found ways to bring colour into their lives.

I have with this exhibition indulged in both my abstract side

and ‘yes’ my handcraft side.”

On view 1 – 21 April 2015.

'Line and Body 1'

dry point

from the July 2015 exhibition

Monday Night Nude

'Bread Loaves'