11.2.11 Curios: The Art of Rodney Sharpe

Rodney Sharpe - Curios

11th February 2011: A celebration of

Curios: The Art of Rodney Sharpe

will take place on Friday from 7pm.

Beat poetry will be a feature

of the evening,

with an open mic segment,

and everyone is welcome to

perform/present their spoken art.

With artworks ranging

 from lino cut assemblages

 to giant scenarios,

the art of Rodney Sharpe

has a surrealist bent.

Commencing Wednesday

the 2nd of February,

everyone is invited

to take this opportunity

to view Rodney Sharpe hard at work

as he sets up his solo exhibition

and creates in the

Serpentine Community Gallery.

Join us to celebrate

Curios: The Art of Rodney Sharpe

on Friday the 11th February,

from 7pm.

All welcome, wine and nibbles of course.

Sketch book: Ideas and

developing concepts abound

'Black Skivy on Burnt Toast'

Curios: The Art of Rodney Sharp on view until the 20th of February 2011.

After leaving Graphic Design in 1987,

Rodney Sharpe travelled Australia

as a portrait artist,

returning to Sydney

to exhibit in various galleries.

In 2007 he won the 'Invite' painting prize,

followed by a period of quick exhibitions

exploring the mysterious nature

of water and paint.

Rodney has recently

entered works in

the Lismore Portraiture prize

and exhibits in Nimbin and Lismore,

has began an art collective in the form

of the Nimbin community centre,

and had the National Gallery

acquire a couple of his wood cuts.

Rodney's acrylic painting

'Hydrophobe' received the

People's Choice Award

at the Serpentine's 2010

end-of-year show,

this is NOT an exhibition.

Curios: The Art of Rodney Sharpe - the exhibition and the works

'The Rude Moo'

Oil on wood

'Things Left Unsaid' - Acrylic on canvas

'My Favourite'