Wild and Domesticated

Members - Wild and Domesticated

5th NOVEMBER 2010: Opening of a themed exhibition Wild and Domesticated

by members of the Serpentine Community Gallery

on Friday from 6pm.

Yes it's been a while but

the next members' show has come around....

Wild and Domesticated is the name,

and our artists have been asked to

"use your imagination,

the land, our souls, animals,

landscapes and abstracts,

all could apply."

We haven't had a Wild and Domesticated exhibition before so

we are expecting some great works to come out of the closets.

The event also marks the gallery's 4th birthday

... hip hip hurray...

...a time for balloons, cake and party fashions.

Come and join us at the opening

to celebrate into the night.

As artists we all have our wild sides as we live in this domesticated civilisation.

...and then there are those of us

so domesticated we are

trying to get back in touch with our wild sides.

'Fringe Dweller' by Kat Food

'Leda and the Swan'

by Gareth Lindsay Deakin

'Rainforest Garden'

by Gareth Lindsay Deakin

'Open Cut'

by Clare Twomey

'Candida alba thrush'

by Clare Twomey

'Cow (or Bull) With Calf'

Acrylic and enamel

Artist’s Statement:

Appropriating iconography

from global religious philosophies

and cultures; Using these as codes

to express notions of

guardianship and protections

From 1st year painting at SCU