Alana Grant

On view at the Serpentine from

the 2nd to the 15th of September 2015

is Alana Grant’s solo show

 ‘Words Form.’

The opening celebration will take place on

Friday 4th September 6-8pm.

This event will also celebrate the opening of

28 Years through Time and Space

- Shaun C Murphy: A Retrospective,

  on view until the 15th September 2015.

Alana describes her work as:

 “a visual exploration of sculpture

in response to poetry,

and poetry in response to art.

I have a curiosity towards abstract narrative

and abstraction of form,

so within this show, words and form

inform each other to create such a dialogue.

My inspiration for the topics are of

the personal, environmental and

political in theme.”


'The Fairies' and 'Words Form'

'Made in China with Hand'




Where have we come from?

Where are we now?

Where are we heading?

Will we stand idly by?

Watching the tides rise?

from Place - Serpentine Community Gallery Art Prize

August 2015

by Megan Davies

Former art students who have been

 actively exhibiting for over a decade,

Grant & Davies met over eighteen months

ago whilst studying to become art

 therapists at Brisbane's Ikon Institute.


Through their love of art and shared passions regarding feminism and spirituality,

 a bond was forged and from this

a conversation that is representative

in this visual art exhibition.

As a symbol of mixed interpretation,

 the apple seemed an apt reference point

 to further this dialogue.

The Biblical idea of

woman as temptress

and the apple as the

object of temptation

is mirrored in the art pieces

created by Grant and Davies.


Both artists are challenging

socio-cultural stereotypes

that pitch Eve and women in general,

as the ultimate femme fatale, an archetype

 that has come to dominate so much of

our literature, music, film and art.

The core of the exhibition

is an investigation of the complex web

 of ideas that exist regarding

the relationships between the apple,

women, life and creation.

Local artist Alana Grant and

Brisbane-based artist Megan Davies

are mounting an exhibition humbly titled

the apple.

The exhibition will be showing at the

Serpentine Community Gallery

from 22nd October to 3rd November.

Official opening:

from 6pm on Saturday

the 25th October 2014.

by Alana Grant

by Alana Grant

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