Crossing the Bridge

13th APRIL 2007: Exhibition opening at the Serpentine Gallery.

 “Crossing the Bridge” showcases the diverse talents of young artists

 studying with RED - REALISE EVERY DREAM - Inc,

 a Lismore based organisation providing support services

 for young people with disabilities who have finished high school.

Featuring over 100 artworks from more than 25 artists who are aged 18-30,

 the exhibition is a bridge for these young people

to communicate their world to the wider community.

  “Art is a vehicle that bridges the gap and enhances communication

 for artists with disabilities and the wider community.

 It’s also something that can highlight the positive aspects of disability culture”,

- Red Inc art teacher Kerrie Divett.

Image: The NR Echo

The photo above -

taken at

the opening of

"Crossing the Bridge"

at the

Serpentine Gallery

- won the

public choice award

at the Echo's first

 "Local Living Legends" exhibition,

in June 2007.

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Above: Amy Serone with her painting 'Still Life'

- oil pastels on paper

Right: Rebecca King with two of her works from a series

  mixing the inspiration she gets from pet dog Charlie and iconic female images like the Madonna and Mona Lisa.

“It’s just amazing watching these young people grow

and express what they see in their social environment,”

- Red Inc support worker Corinne Batt-Rawden.

The exhibition runs until April 27

at the Serpentine Community Gallery in North Lismore.

Opening of Crossing the Bridge - an exhibition by RED Inc artists.

Images from The Northern Rivers Echo's Around the Traps - 19th April 2007.