The Serpentine Community Gallery

is pleased to present


- the first solo show by artist Leon Mahony.

Opens Friday the 6th of May 2016, at 6pm.

This will be a combined opening celebration with

'Get back ... to the future'

- an exhibition showcasing works by

RealArtWorks Inc. artists' collective

plus refugees awaiting appropriate status.

Everyone is welcome.

Featuring 'high resolution vector graphic illustration drawn for your pleasure'

Numinous will be on view until 20th May 2016.

The term 'numinous' refers to spiritual emanation and denotes a mystical and mysterious presence,

underlying the material plane of existence. The 'Numinous' is that which is awe-inspiring and transcendent.

Leon Mahony's graphic illustrations are an interpretation

of his interest in words, pictures and the archaic origins of symbology.

His art-making explores evolutionary links to primordial experience.

He uses the digital tools that our current technology provides

to extend the boundaries of imagination, mythic memory and creative expression.


'Man & Woman'


'Australia Day'

Originally from Brisbane, Leon Mahony is a digital artist who now lives in Larnook.

 The artworks shown in this exhibition have been created

 over the last 7 years Leon has spent living in the Northern Rivers region.

Leon Mahony studied design at Unitech in Auckland, New Zealand,

before going on to study graphic design and animation at Media Design College.

Working for three years in film, television and advertising,

Leon specialized in modelling surface textures for the animation industry.


 The exhibition 'Numinous' will be a collection of digital prints of Leon Mahony's high-resolution,

vector graphic illustrations as well as sketches and process drawings from his visual diary.

 These works are multi-layered and visually dynamic, often making use of vivid colour and complex interwoven detail.




'Gasp freedom'