The Secret Serpent Bearer

On view in Gallery 2

from the 11th – 24th November 2015

is Euan Boyd's solo exhibition

'The Secret Serpent Bearer.'

Euan Boyd held his first solo show

'Euphorian Escapes'

at the Serpentine Community Gallery in March this year.

 A showcase for his love of drawing and design,

Euan’s 'Euphorian Escapes'

presented mind maps, based on personal experiences.

Euan’s goal as a creative practitioner is to create art that straddles cultural boundaries, create thought-provoking discussions, and provoke others to both question their roles in society whilst inspiring their creativity and imagination.

He once again invites you to journey with him

as you enjoy the artworks in this exhibition.

Also at the Serpentine

from the 11-24th November 2015,

Gallery 1 showcases SCU students' environmental interpretation art in 'The Professors Choice'.

'The Sun's Secret'

'Ophiuchus's Grip'

The Secret Serpent Bearer

Due to Earth’s off-centred orbit, the Sun’s Secret Serpent Bearer is now once again just visible to mankind. My hand-carved photo collages pay homage to this hidden constellation, Ophiuchus. These works follow the Roman myth of Asclepius, who learnt the secret of immortality and resurrection through observing serpents using healing herbs. The gods feared this discovery. Worried that, with this knowledge, humanity would become immortal, they struck Asclepius down. Only later did they

grant him his own immortality,

but hid him in the stars behind the sun.

To pay homage to this story, I have used process photos of my own art, created during a short period between July and October 2015, when the constellation is visible to us. Using my smartphone camera in combination with a black sweep and editing apps such as ‘Glitche’ and ‘Kaleidacam’,

I striped back colours and isolated the artworks to recreate the illusion of stars as seen from earth. The cutouts are arranged to mimic the barely visible sun-covered constellation. Their story is told through

the expanding polyptych projecting

out of the broken layered book-shaped diptychs floating in the deep black of space. I have drawn on composition and design elements derived from the Russian Constructivists and the Bauhaus movement, and inspired by photo collage artists such

as Jeese Treece and the reparative layering of Larry Carlson.

- Euan Boyd,

November 2015

'Asclepius's Observation'

'Second Life for the Serpent'


'Fearful Gods'

'Touched by the Gods'

'Honoured with Immortality'