Kristy Parker


from Wild Dreams September 2011

'A Wild Dream'

 'Party Town'

Acrylic on canvas

'Fruit Loops'

Acrylic on canvas

'Inuyasha' - Acrylic on canvas

by Kristy Parker and Alison Rose

'Psychedelic Spider Web'

Acrylic on canvas

'Psychedelic Spider Web' - detail

part of the exhibition

 Don't go all Mary Poppins on Us Now!

September/October 2010

Mixed media artworks

'I’m just thinking about my friend who got soaked in paint

while doing this painting, I did too!! We even had paint all over our faces!

Water bombs full of paint were my favourite way to get the paint on my canvas.

I also used syringes and squirt bottles. I’ve had heaps of fun doing these paintings

and also had heaps of fun watching my friends have fun too.'

from Beyond Logic and Reason

in July/August 2009


17 Bridge St, North Lismore, NSW, 2480.

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