Paula Sinclair


Acrylic on canvas

will be part of the exhibition

Tattoos, Textures and Textiles

2 - 19 November 2012

'My first exhibition,

For the Love of Women

is a contemporary exploration

of the female form,

and what feminine


sensuality and


mean to me.'

- Paula Sinclair, July 2012

This bold and striking exhibition of large paintings opens Friday the 20th of July at 6pm,

 and will be on view until the 30th July 2012.

Paula Sinclair (right) is pictured with Josephine McKinnon

at the opening of For The Love Of Women.

'Uh Huh'

Artist Statement: 'That moment

when you’re talking closely

with a woman,

and she stares through you,

taking in everything that you are,

her intuition laying you bare, and

feeling love for you all the same.'


Artist Statement:

'The stockings

 I just love

the stockings.'


Artist Statement: ''There’s a serene beauty about her, casting aside all that we’re taught about concealing our bodies and our sexuality. Most of us women carry demons surrounding self-

love, and I find painting portraits like

this one liberating and empowering.'


Artist Statement: 'One of my

closest friends suffered

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa

in her late teens,

and as a result,

will always carry a fuller figure.

As hard as I might try,

I feel like I’m unable to convey

to her how gorgeous

womanly figures are.

Through portraits like these,

with her in mind,

 I like to think that her positive comments surrounding the art

will help build her own self-esteem

and a more positive body image.

To me, there’s such a confident, self-assured air about this portrait.'

'The Moonlight'

Artist Statement: 'Many cultures believe the moon represents the Triple Goddess and her three incarnations Maiden, Mother and Crone. My friend sat on the edge of the bed one evening, with light from the full moon bathing her, running her fingers through her hair. For me, she was at that moment, and is still, the epitome of womanly beauty. Words eluded me to describe how breathtakingly beautiful she appeared in this light, and I can only hope that this portrait goes some of the way to conveying

her goddess-like form and soul.'

'So What?'

Artist Statement: 'There’s a quiet stubborn nature

to this portrait, with her hour-glass proportions

she’s defiant and comfortable in her nudity,

something I think we could all

aspire to be as women.'

'Thinking of You'

Acrylic on canvas

from Scarlet 2012

1st June to 2nd July