Altered Books

Monday 6th of September 2010

Altered Books

with Jesse Mackintosh and Louise Irving

A Paper Trail workshop where we will deconstruct existing books and reassemble them, inserting collage, drawing, printing and rearranging the format with new pages to tell a story, logical or totally bizarre.

Come along with an old book you wish to work with or any collected papers and materials.

Materials assembled -

books, papers, print, scissors, rulers, glue, staplers, pencils, paints....

It's all hands on 'desk'

Everyone gets creative at the Altered Books workshop

Deconstructed book pages

become works in progress.

Layered collage work and 'inset windows'

provide an intriguing visual theme

throughout the pages of Corinne Batt-Rawden's altered book.

a collaborative page by Altered Books workshop participants, artist unknown, by Kate Welsh.

 'New' pages ready to be reassembled as altered books.

Detail - Wera Teves 1

Wera Teves 1

Kate Welsh

Kate Welsh 

Wera Teves 2


Completed books: Rearranged and reassembled pages come together as Altered Books

artworks, ready for the exhibition.