Theodore Kennett-Raj

'Erotic Park'

watercolour on paper

'Peep Hole'




artworks from Scarlet - July/August 2017

'Blazing Love'

acrylic on canvas

generously donated to the Serpentine Community Gallery's

2017 Fundraising


acrylic on paper


acrylic on paper

from Miniatures - December 2016/January 2017

'Left To Right Fashion'

acrylic on paper

from Decadence - A celebration of 10 Years of Art and Community - November/December 2016


watercolour and pen

from on a paper plane - April/May 2016

'Eden Trashed'

'Twisted Fidelity'

acrylic on canvas works

from Under the Radar - May 2016

'Earth Mother'

'Help from Above'

acrylic on canvas artworks from @ Bridge st - March 2016

'Outside the Call Box'

acrylic on canvas

'Musee De Faux'

acrylic on canvas