Ana Jol


Nails in hard wood

from Miniatures

February-March 2012


from Trash

October 2010

'Large Tree at Small'

Acrylic and pencil shavings on canvas

from Tree - February/March 2011

'A Page'

Coloured pencil on paper

'On the nose but...'

Created during Getting Your Hands Dirty With Charcoal,

part of the A Paper Trail project's

series of workshops and exhibition held in September 2010

'The Three Dead Earth Mothers'

acrylic and pastel

was part of the Dark Ages exhibition in June 2010

'Cocoon' - woven mixed fibres

from Growth March 2010

Ana's 'Bowl of Love' - banana fibre and native grasses -

was donated for a raffle to raise funds for the

Southern Forests of Tasmania during the

Tree exhibition in November 2008.

from Vollies May 2007

'Artemisia Basket'

Woven wormwood, bungalow palm flower, banana fibre and wire.